Wound Dressing & Special Products' Process

PUXIONG is professional in producing High Frequency Welding and Cutting Machines. 

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Select the typical medical sterilization bag sealing packaging scheme, Puxiong engineers to provide professional guidance for each step, to ensure that your needs。

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Applicable market

  • Package
  • Health Care
  • Sport
  • Blood

Common application

  • Sponge
  • Ice Pack
  • Anti-Bedsore Cushion
  • Airbag
  • Connnect Tube
  • Filter

Customer sample library

  • drip chamber
    drip chamber
  • blood pressure cuff
    blood pressure cuff
  • wound dressing
    wound dressing
  • hot and cold ice pack
    hot and cold ice pack
  • airbag
  • pvc bag
    pvc bag
  • tpu airbag
    tpu airbag
  • eye mask
    eye mask

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